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Congress: Boehner rejects Dem Super Committee offer

The Washington Post: “Amid a flurry of counter-proposals from the deficit-reduction committee, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday rejected a Democratic offer to slash $3 trillion from future debts because it contained significant tax increases. While GOP negotiators offered a slimmer package of savings with virtually no tax hikes, Boehner said the Democratic request for $1.3 trillion in new tax revenue was a non-starter and gave his most pessimistic outlook to date that the so-called ‘supercommittee’ would achieve its deficit target by its Thanksgiving deadline.

“House Speaker John Boehner yesterday said he had ‘great concerns’ that President Obama was overstepping his constitutional authority by single-handedly enacting jobs programs,” the New York Post reports. “ ‘This idea that you are just going to go around the Congress is ... almost laughable,’ Boehner said on ‘The Laura Ingraham Show.’”

“On Thursday, the House passed a very modest measure to end a tax withholding program, one that had yet to affect a single American, but which President Obama has agreed should go. No word from the Senate yet — those members are back in their home states this week taking a breather from their legislative labors — but chances are the bill will clear that chamber, too,” the New York Times says. “The withholding bill, which passed 405 to 16, did not carry quite the significance of potential measures to overhaul the tax code, make sweeping changes to entitlement programs or eliminate the waste, fraud and abuse that lawmakers so often cite as their central legislative goals. But it was something else that those ideas are not — politically viable.”