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More 2012: Brewer's redistricting power play

ARIZONA: “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has taken the first step Wednesday in what had been previously called ‘the nuclear option’ in seeking a more Republican-friendly redistricting map,” Roll Call reports. “The GOP governor began the impeachment process for removing members from the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission by submitting a letter outlining her grievances to commission Chairwoman Colleen Mathis.”

MASSACHUSTTS: The Massachusetts GOP takes aim at Elizabeth Warren over her comments supporting “Occupy Wall St,” with a Web video called, “Matriarch of Mayhem.”

The Senate race has one less Democrat.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: “You’ve probably heard of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, maybe even Gary Johnson or Buddy Roemer,” the Boston Globe writes. “But what about Joe Story, Vern Wuensche, or James Vestermark? Each of them will share equal billing with the top-tier Republican candidates on the 2012 New Hampshire ballot. … [W]ith a filing fee of just $1,000, and no party approval or petition required, the primary ballot is the great equalizer between candidates who may actually live in the White House and those more likely to make it there on a guided tour.”