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Dale Peterson gets on the Herman Cain train

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain will have some star power when he begins his two-day swing through Alabama on Friday.

No, it’s not a Hollywood celebrity. It’s Internet celebrity Dale Peterson, whose straight-talking ads that aired during his run for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner went viral and reached an audience well beyond his home state -- though, he didn't win the race.

The (Mobile, AL) Press-Register is reporting that Peterson will introduce Cain at a campaign event in Tuscaloosa, AL, on Saturday.  Though Peterson’s campaign was unsuccessful, his ads -- in which he called his opponent “a dummy” -- have made him a popular figure, both on YouTube and in GOP speaking circuits.

Peterson endorsed Cain in June, and told The Press-Register, “He’s genuine,” and, “I’ve got a good sense about people — maybe you’d call it horse sense -- but he’s the real deal.”

He also said he has advised Cain not to lose his straight-talking style in light of new media attention and reportedly serves as chairman of Cain’s agricultural advisory committee.