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Cain dismisses activist's comments on race, but he's made his own

In response to comments made by activist Apostle Claver, who is black, saying, "It's the Democratic party that's the racists," during an event Cain spoke at an hour later and likely didn't hear, Cain's spokesman said, "Our campaign is all about promoting civil dialogue."

But it was Cain, who in 2005, wrote, "[C]ongressional Democrats do not want all Americans to drink from the same retirement fountains. They insinuate that we are not smart enough to ride in the front of the retirement bus with them. … At least with separate water fountains blacks and whites each had water to drink."

And he wrote of Social Security that it is "built-in discrimination," that "deceased black men essentially fund a large percentage of the retirement income of elderly white women," and he called it "immoral," "oppressive," and that it and the tax code impose "involuntary servitude."

He has also said during this campaign that "African Americans have been brainwashed" into voting for Democrats.

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