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Romney backtracks, says he fully supports Ohio governor '110 percent'

After declining to comment yesterday on Ohio's collective-bargaining law, Romney today said he apologizes for the confusion.

He said he fully supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich "110%."

"I'm sorry if I created any confusion in that regard," Romney said at a rally in Fairfax, VA. "I fully support Gov. Kasich's, I think it's called Question 2, in Ohio. Fully support that."

But yesterday while in Ohio, and standing on the steps of a building where inside local activists were making calls to gather support on the measure, Romney said, "I'm not speaking about the particular ballot issues. Those are up to the people of Ohio, but I certainly support the effort of the Governor to rein in the scale of government." He added yesterday, "I'm not terribly familiar with the two ballot initiatives, but I'm certainly supportive of the Republican party's efforts here."

The collective-bargaining law is on the ballot this November and, according to polls, is unpopular. But Romney expressed support for Kasich's efforts in a Facebook post in June.

"I think back on my website as early as April," Romney said today, "I laid out that I support Question 2 and Gov. Kasich's effort to restrict collective bargaining in Ohio in the ways he's described. So I fully support that. But what I was referring to was I know there are other ballot issues there in Ohio, and I wasn't taking a position on those."

But Romney's campaign was asked by NBC yesterday specifically about Question 2, and it also declined to comment on it outside of echoing what Romney would later say.

The other measure had to do with health-care mandates. That's the one Romney now contends he was talking about.

"I've said that should be up to individual states," he said today. "I, of course, took my state in one direction; they may want to go in a differnt direction. I don't want to tell them what I think they ought to do in that regard. That's up to them. It was with regards to that issue that I didn't want to make a commitment. And I don't even know what their Question 1 is, if there is a Question 1. I don't know what that one is. But with regards to Question 2, which is the collective-bargaining question, I am 110% behind Gov. Kasich and in support of that question.

Yesterday, rival Rick Perry went after Romney on Ohio, accusing him of "finger in the wind" politics.

This "say or do anything" narrative is one Romney is particularly vulnerable on. And it's one that Democrats hit Hillary Clinton on in 2007 after she hedged on whether she supported or opposed drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants. It took Clinton days to clarify. Romney made sure he did it the next day.