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Can Rick Perry's post card deliver?


Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry holds up his post-card sized version of the tax form he says Americans would fill out if his 20-20 plan were enacted.

Herman Cain’s made a career out of catchy slogans. 9-9-9 is just the latest for the former motivational speaker. Rick Perry may be trying to take a page out of the gimmicky playbook and adding a prop -- the post card.

“That’s all you need,” Perry said holding up a folded over sheet of paper, the size of a post card. On it, an income tax form, he says is all that would be needed to do your taxes if his 20-20 optional flat-tax plan is passed.

“How many people would rather have the old system in place?” he asked rhetorically, before holding up the paper again. “Let’s do it on a post card; let’s do it this way.”

Swiping at Cain, he said his plan wouldn’t include a value-added tax, or a sales tax. “That’s the difference right there,” Perry said, referring to 9-9-not-a-pizza-9. “This post card is the way to do it.”

He added, “This is the way to go” again holding up the paper.

And holding it up one more time, he said, “We’re going to be talking about things like this.”

In all today he said “post card” or held up the paper nine times, seven just at this afternoon’s news conference.

NBC’s Matt Loffman and Morgan Parmet contributed to this report.