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Forbes endorses Perry, not returning Cain's favor a decade ago

While it is no surprise Steve Forbes endorsed today pro-flat-tax presidential candidate Rick Perry -- whom he helped craft the plan -- it should be noted that Herman Cain was actually a national co-chairman of Forbes’ 1999-2000 presidential campaign.

When Cain’s role was announced in June 1999, he told the Omaha World-Herald it wasn’t an “honorary” position, and that he would be taking an active role in the campaign, including "message refinement, campaign strategy and fund–raising.”

Cain gave speeches for the campaign, and in September of that year Cain told the Christian Science Monitor he was advising Forbes on how to become a more effective communicator.

But even more interesting, check out what Cain told the Christian Science Monitor's Linda Feldmann back then about the public's trend toward embracing style and delivery vs. substance:

From Christian Science Monitor - September 13, 1999:

Cain says he's helped Forbes to loosen up a bit, and also to tailor his speeches better to his audience. Forbes, he says, has learned he doesn't have to pack his entire agenda into every speech.

Still, Cain understands the growing importance of looking good - and he blames the public for this trend, not the candidates.

"Many people are communications lazy," he says. "They really don't want to spend a lot of time listening to the content or the depth as much as they want to look at the style and the delivery."