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Shadowy flyers hit Cain on abortion

NBC's Carrie Dann

A flyer circulating outside an event with Herman Cain, hits him for his stance on abortion.

Despite having to walk back recent comments suggesting that women should be able to choose to have an abortion, Herman Cain appeared to get a fairly positive reception at a forum of social conservatives last night in Iowa. But attendees, who remained skeptical about Cain's efforts to repair the damage, got a reminder of that wariness before they even left the parking lot.

A flyer left on cars parked outside the event juxtaposed Cain's face and a grainy photo of a dead fetus and declared that the Godfather's Pizza CEO "threw the babies under the bus."

"If a pro-choice candidate doesn't have the Biblical foundation to know that murdering an innocent child is wrong in EVERY SINGLE CASE, how would that lack of a Biblical foundation influence his policy decisions on traditional marriage and family values?" the paper asks.

According to a note at the bottom of the flyers, the effort is paid for by an organization called Iowans for Some Semblance of Christian Decency in collaboration with Iowans for Truth and Honest Government -- both shadowy organizations apparently known exclusively for launching similar flyer attacks in the past.

The "decency" group was reportedly active in 2008 as well, questioning the faith of Mike Huckabee -- in the form of flyers slipped folio-style under doors in the Des Moines Marriott. The Iowa Republican Party asked for an investigation into the "truth" organization after it left flyers critical of now-Gov. Terry Branstad on windshields in 2009.