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Romney: 'I'd love to win Iowa'

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – In Mitt Romney’s first trip back to Iowa since August, he told the crowd he would love to win the first-in-the-nation caucus here.

“I want to get the support of Iowans. I’m in Iowa. This is not my first trip to Iowa, as you know,” Romney said in response to an attendee who questioned his absence in the State. “And I will be here again and again campaigning here. I want to get the support of the good people in Iowa. I’d love to win in Iowa, any of us would.”

The comments today at Morningside College may start to raise questions about the Romney campaign’s expectations in the January 3rd caucuses.

“Our strategy in Iowa has not changed,” Romney’s top Iowa advisor, Dave Kochel, told NBC News following the event this morning.

After staking his 2008 candidacy in Iowa, the former Massachusetts governor has been to the Hawkeye State just three times this year. But even Romney acknowledged before the crowd of a couple hundred the importance of the state.

“You guys have a big say. Iowa comes first. You have an enormous say in who the next president is going to be,” Romney said.

Matt Winter of Sibley, Iowa who posed the question to Romney said he was satisfied with the presidential candidate’s response.

“He really very directly answered the question so I was happy with that,” Winter said. “Whether he fulfills what he said he is going to do is an entirely different issue.”

One undecided voter in attendance, who is considering voting for Romney, said whether the Massachusetts governor frequents his state or not will not impact who he caucuses for.

“I think it is important that we vote for the best candidate, who would be the best president, no matter how often they are here,” Todd Barry of Sioux City said. “I think Iowans, I have been a lifelong Iowans, will select who the best candidate is no matter what.”

Romney continues with two more stops in Iowa today.