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C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon now touch me, babe

One of the moments from Tuesday's Republican debate that is getting the most attention is when Mitt Romney put his hand on his opponent Rick Perry's shoulder. 

On "Andrea Mitchell Reports" today, Romney campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said that "too much of that is being made of that." He also mentioned that in an earlier debate, Perry also touched Romney.

"At an earlier debate, Perry laid his hands on Mitt Romney," Fehrnstrom said. "Mitt Romney did not take offense at that, and I don't think Rick Perry took offense when Mitt touched him on the shoulder at last night's debate."

That moment came during CNN's debate on Sept. 12, and the tone was significantly different than Tuesday night's debate.

Romney was asked by moderator Wolf Blitzer if Perry deserved any credit for Texas's job creation record. 

"Go ahead and tell him how much credit he deserves," Blitzer said.

Perry smiled, leaned over, and patted Romney on the back to encourage a friendly answer. The other candidates could be heard laughing, and Perry gave a thumbs up. Romney smiled before responding.

"I think Gov. Perry would agree with me that if you're dealt four aces, that doesn't make you necessarily a great poker player," Romney said.