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Huntsman campaign in debt; raises $2.26 million in Q3

BEDFORD NH—Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign posted underwhelming fundraising numbers Friday as the GOP race for the presidential nomination kicks into high gear.

The former Utah governor's campaign reported raising $2.26 million in the third quarter, according to its forthcoming Federal Election Commission filing. That's wasn't good enough to keep his campaign out of debt; Huntsman reported $890,000 in debt and just $320,000 in cash on hand as of the end of September.

Huntsman, the son of a billionaire, also contributed $2.25 million of his own money to his campaign, despite earlier vows not to tap into his family's fortune to boost his White House campaign.

"The actual results did not match the pledges our campaign had received, so we fell below our anticipated fundraising total," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller told NBC News.

By comparison, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry raised approximately $15 million each in the third quarter.

Huntsman has declared a "singular focus" on New Hampshire, telling NBC News he "needs to do well here" to move ahead with his White House bid. The campaign recently moved its national headquarters from Orlando to Manchester, shedding several staff members in the process.

The campaign is already looking ahead toward the fourth quarter, citing "positive momentum" since the conclusion of Q3, which has included Huntsman's unveiling of his foreign policy plan last week and fresh New Hampshire poll numbers that range from, 4 to 10 percent in support. Nationally, however, Huntsman remains in the low single digits.

"Our campaign has reorganized to become more nimble with a focus on success in New Hampshire and our fundraising this first two weeks of this quarter has reflected that," Miller said.

Huntsman has not yet run any television ads in New Hampshire, telling NBC News today in Concord, "Well, we hope to, we hope to."

However, with these paltry fundraising figures, the campaign is likely to rely its outside super PAC, Our Destiny PAC, for help. The organization has not signaled it will run advertising as of this week.

The former Ambassador to China wrapped up a six-day campaign swing through the Granite State today. He will return on Monday and host a town hall meeting in Hopkinton on Tuesday evening, in protest of the Nevada GOP debate on the same evening.