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If you like Scott Walker, you'll love Rick Perry

A group called State Tea Party Express paid for the ad below, which has been running on FOX, linking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who's running for president. Walker was embroiled in a budget controversy over state-workers’ collective-bargaining rights -- and saw a standoff in which all of the state’s Democratic senators fled Wisconsin.

*** UPDATE *** State Tea Party Express, the group running the ads, is classified as a 501(c)(4) organizations, which are classified as social welfare groups dedicated to charitable or educational purposes. They are different from political action committees because they are not required to disclose donors and less than half of their money must be spent for non-political purposes.

The group appears to be affiliated with the Tea Party Express. The two groups bear a similar masthead and list the same six guiding principles on both of their websites.

Calls to both groups were not immediately returned.