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Two-thirds of GOP voters comfortable with Romney's faith

SEATTLE – The past week has featured a sharper focus on Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith than at any point so far in the 2012 contest. But according to the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, two-thirds of Republican primary voters say his faith is a non-issue.

Sixty-six percent of Republicans say they feel comfortable with Romney’s faith, and that it would not interfere with his decisions as president. By comparison, just 13 percent say they would not be comfortable, and they worry his faith would interfere with his job.

But the numbers are different outside the Republican Party: Among all adults surveyed in the poll, 47 percent say they are comfortable with Romney’s faith, versus 21 percent who say they are uncomfortable.

Still, even these numbers mark a significant change in attitudes from four years ago, when Romney’s Mormon faith first became a hot topic.

After Romney’s Dec. 2007 speech about faith in American life, the NBC/WSJ poll found 39 percent of all adults who felt comfortable with his faith and 26 percent who didn’t.

One potential warning sign for Romney in the new poll, especially as it relates to the early nominating states like Iowa and South Carolina: Among self-described evangelical Christians, who make up about one-sixth of the survey, 25 percent say they don’t feel comfortable with his Mormon faith.