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Obama calls Senate vote on jobs bill 'a moment of truth'

In remarks at a union training facility in Pittsburgh, PA, President Obama called today's upcoming jobs bill vote  “a moment of truth” for the U.S. Senate. 

“Today is the day when every American will find out exactly where their senator stands on this jobs bill,” Obama said.

Earlier in the day, at a roundtable discussion with his jobs council, the president acknowledged the possibility that the bill will need to be broken up to get parts of it passed. "Our expectation is, if they don't pass the whole package, we're going to break it up into constituent parts."

But he didn't mention that in his speech at the union training facility. Instead, Obama continued to encourage the audience to “let Congress know who they work for,” and he said that senators will need to look them in the eye and explain a “no” vote on the bill.

Obama is headed to Orlando, FL for two fundraising events. He is also expected to meet with a few unemployed construction workers during his brief stop in the Sunshine State.