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According to the excerpts of the foreign-policy speech he'll deliver in New Hampshire, Jon Huntsman will hit the Obama administration, as well as reiterate his call to bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan.

"The world needs American leadership now more than ever. Yet we are struggling to provide it. President Obama’s policies have weakened America, and thus diminished America’s presence on the global stage. We must correct our course."

But here is the problem for Huntsman: He served faithfully as the Obama administration's ambassador to China -- promoting its policies until he decided to launch his presidential bid. If Huntsman believed the Obama administration "weakened America," why didn't he resign in protest? (In fact, you could make the argument that a Huntsman candidacy could have caught on more with conservative Republicans had he resigned his post in a blaze of glory.)

Instead, after he was picked to serve in the administration, Huntsman penned a letter calling Obama "a remarkable leader." And as Huntsman said of his service as China ambassador back in May, "I worked for the president of the United States. The president asked me -- the president of all the people. And during a time of war, during a time of economic difficulty for our country, if I'm asked by my president to serve, I'll stand up and do it."