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More 2012: NV and SC make their moves

“A Brennan Center study finds 19 recently passed voting laws in 14 states could make it significantly harder for more than five million eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012, leading to ‘significant electoral impact in next year's hard-fought races,’” Taegan Goddard writes, adding, “Minorities, poor and young voters will likely be most affected.”

Roll Call: “The conventional wisdom is that odds favor Republicans winning control of the Senate next year. But an examination of the 2012 landscape at the end of the third quarter shows the chamber’s majority could go either way.”

MASSACHUSETTS: The front page of the Boston Herald: “Poll vault!” about a poll showing Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown in a statistical tie. Brown leads 41%-38% in a University of Massachusetts Lowell/Boston Herald poll. Warren leads the Democratic field by wide margins.

NEVADA: “Nevada Republicans decided Saturday to move up the GOP presidential caucuses to January to preserve the state's early voting spot, although it will cost the Silver State half its delegates at the national convention,” The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. “The GOP executive board voted to go ahead with plans to hold its caucuses on the Saturday following New Hampshire, once that state decides a new date. It will be after the traditional first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses. Nevada moved its caucus date from Feb. 18 in response to Florida's decision on Friday to hold its primary Jan. 31.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly will announce his state’s 2012 primary date today at 11:00 am ET.