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Cain wins another straw poll


Herman Cain speaks before the Florida Straw Poll.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After delivering a rousing speech with multiple standing ovations on Saturday, presidential hopeful Herman Cain overwhelmingly won the National Federation of Republican Women’s Convention straw poll with 48.9% of the vote.

Cheers erupted in the convention hall after Cain’s name was revealed. Rick Perry placed a distant second with 14.1%, and Mitt Romney was third with 13.3%. Newt Gingrich, who spoke at the group’s luncheon Saturday, placed fourth with 12.5%.

Rick Santorum also appeared in front of the convention Saturday and finished fifth with 6.9%.

According to The Palladian View, who conducted the straw poll, 60% of the convention participated and the results represent 41 out of 50 states. 

The poll followed up with a question: Who would be your second choice? Cain took 23.8% of that vote with Gingrich at 20.8%, followed by Perry 15.8%, Romney 12.9%, and Santorum 10.3%.

The women at this convention said they were satisfied with the choice of Republican candidates for president, with 80.8% saying yes.

Asked if Chris Christie and Sarah Palin were added to the list, would they change their vote, 43.3% said no; 34% said they would vote for Christie, and 22.7% would vote for Palin.

Other interesting poll results from this GOP women's conference:

- 42.6% say the economy most concerns them, followed by taxes and federal spending with 18.4%, and electability in November in third with 13.3%.
- Asked if these women would rather see a man or woman serve as president of the United States, 75.6% said it doesn't matter.
- And asked if they consider themselves a member of the Tea Party, the group was split -- 50.5% said yes, 49.5% said no.
- Out of the 41 of 50 states represented, Texas had the plurality of members with 14.1%, followed by California, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Arkansas.