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DNC chair: GOP wants to beat Obama at expense of economy

DES MOINES, Iowa –- Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says the Republican Party is more worried about beating President Barack Obama than about creating jobs.

“So far, they only appear to care about one job -- Barack Obama’s -- and Democrats care about American jobs,” Wasserman-Schultz said this afternoon during a press avail.

The chairwoman is spending the weekend in the Hawkeye State not only campaigning for a few Members of Congress but also pushing for passage of the president’s American Jobs Act.

“The benefit of the American Jobs Act, not only would it be a shot in the arm for the economy, but President Obama proposed it with it being fully paid for," Wasserman-Schultz said. "We are confident. We can’t afford to wait. We can’t spend months or weeks waiting for scores. We need to act. The American people need jobs now."

It's unclear, however, how the measure would be paid for. The president tasked the joint "supercommittee" with finding a way to do so.

She contended Republicans in Congress want to beat Obama at the expense of the U.S. economy. A lot of the problems, Wasserman-Schultz said, come from the Tea Party and what she said was a lack of leadership by Speaker John Boehner to allow a small group of members to dictate what his caucus will or will not support.

“They are willing to allow the economy to remain stagnant for another 14 months and not move forward together in recovery in order to just be able to regain the White House,” Wasserman-Schultz said about the Republicans not supporting Obama's jobs act.

Of course, she also weighed in on the 2012 GOP presidential race while speaking to reporters at Drake University. After all, she was in that all-important first-in-the-nation caucus state.

“They are really all the same," the Florida congresswoman said. "It doesn’t really much matter which one of them wins the primary. They can’t out right wing the other enough."

The DNC chair, who only mentioned GOP contenders Rick Perry and Mitt Romney by name once, says she is confident that President Obama will win reelection and believes that Democrats can take back the House of Representatives, as well. She said she plans to be back in Iowa a few times next year.