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Huckabee team denies he's reconsidering run for president

Contrary to a report out today, a top HuckPAC official tells First Read, "There is no truth to the rumors" that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is reconsidering a run for president.

"The governor is still content with his decision to stay out of the race," the official said.

A Reuters report contended Huckabee hasn't shut the door on running. The source says it is true that Republicans have reached out to him to reconsider -- something the source says is not new. But Huckabee has not changed his mind.

Another Huckabee source also tells NBC's Andrew Rafferty, "There are people asking him to reconsider, but that is not something he is doing right now."

The rumors about Huckabee are the latest to surface following stumbles by Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry in recent weeks -- and the continued lack of enthusiasm for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Romney, by the way, will appear as a guest this weekend on Huckabee's FOX show.