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Gingrich says he's smarter than GOP rivals

DODGE, Iowa -- Newt Gingrich now says the reason to vote for him over his rivals -- he smarter.

“I’m not running against any of my friends, they’re all good people," Gingrich said at a breakfast at the Best Western here. "But if you watch them and watch me, the difference in the depth of knowledge and the difference in the ability to debate Obama, the difference in actually having done it at the national level, I can’t only think if you’re worried about the future of the country and you’re worried about how we get the country fixed, I’m a pretty good mechanic who knows how to fix the car and the other folks are good at selling it.

"They’re nice people, but they don’t have the knowledge to do something like this on this scale. This is enormously complicated.”

A day after Gingrich unveiled his 10-point new “Contract with America,” he again went point-by-point on his plan -- and again apologized for taking so long to describe it, but “it took so long to put together,” he said.

Gingrich also claimed that he has been studying how to make the U.S. better since he was a freshman or sophomore in high school.

Speaking about Social Security, Gingrich said he wants Americans to have the option of choosing their own, private Social Security account.

“Grandchildren should have right to choose Social Security account they control, it has to be there, we’re going to do a commercial showing President Obama in July saying twice you’re not going to get your social security check," Gingrich said. "Send it to college campuses and say do you want to spend the next 50 years of your life working and paying taxes supposedly building up for retirement when any politician can be this irresponsible? Or would you rather have an account you control so a politician can’t do that do your money.  … I’m not going to force them into this system, they have the option, very few people will stay in it if they’re 25 or 30, and think it won’t be there. … If you have this account we don’t have a set date when you have to retire. Fact is, if you have this account and you control it and want to work until you are 85, fine. If you want to retire at 50, fine. What do we care? It’s your life, it’s your money.

Gingrich also pointed to the black community as being most disadvantaged with the current Social Security system. “Sadly most African Americans are the most disadvantaged because they die the youngest so they pay their whole lifetime and it transfers to somebody else because it’s not an estate.”

Speaking about fraud in the federal government, Gingrich said Visa, MasterCard and American Express do a better job preventing fraud than the U.S. government. And claimed as President, he would have the borders controlled by January 1, 2014.