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Ann Romney files for Mitt to run in SC

COLUMBIA, SC – Ann Romney made her husband Mitt’s candidacy in South Carolina official today, handing his filing papers and a check for the $35 thousand filing fee to state Republican Party chairman Chad Connelly.  

She said that her husband would now be “actively campaigning” in the state (although candidates don’t need to have submitted papers to campaign here) and that they are “encouraged” by the support they’ve received in the state. 

She also commented on the state’s primary date. At that point this morning, Florida had not yet officially announced that it would hold its election on January 31st. 

“[The date] looks like it’s going to be moved up a little bit, everyone’s wondering when this state will be going, we don’t know that yet,” she said.

Connelly indirectly referred, as he has before, to the “drama” of states moving their primary dates up.“Our narrative needs to be that we need to make sure that Barack Obama is just the worst one-term president ever, and nothing else, no other drama needs to be involved,” he said.

Romney refused to take questions from the press, as her staff ushered her out of the conference room where the event was held. Just before the event, Romney spoke to a group of about 35 at a private fundraising breakfast for the South Carolina Republican Party.