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Gingrich launches '21st Century Contract'

DES MOINES, IA -- Newt Gingrich unveiled an updated version of the "Contract with America” here this afternoon, looking for a repeat of his 1994 success when the original was credited for helping give Republicans a majority in the House and propelling him to the Speakership.
“The 21st Century Contract with America is big enough, it’s complete enough, and it gives people a sense of what it would take to truly fix what’s wrong with America,” Gingrich told NBC News in an interview following the release.
While not fully detailed, Gingrich said some of the legislative proposals in the 10-point plan include ideas aimed at repealing Obama’s health care law, creating jobs, balancing the federal budget, reducing the power of federal judges and enforcing the 10th amendment.
“The scale of change I am suggesting is so enormous that I couldn’t possibly show you as a single leader all I am going to do. This is a beginning of a conversation,” Gingrich told the crowd during the town hall style meeting.
There will be 4 parts to the plan that will be finalized by Sept. 27th of 2012, the 18th anniversary of the original contract:  The legislative proposals, a “first day” in office project, a training program for transition teams, and the building of a system of citizen involvement. Many of the details in his 26-page document are still evolving, Gingrich pointed out.
The former Speaker remains a second-tier candidate in polls with the second quarter fundraising deadline looming tomorrow.  The candidate refused to answer questions about how much money he has raised in the past three months.
Gingrich hopes this contract, unveiled in front of more than 300 employees at the Principal Financial Group, will allow for a focus on solution-based politics. He said that his ideas have always been more like those an outsider despite being part of the Washington establishment in the 1990s and America needs someone like him to be president.
“I think you have to ask yourself do you want somebody who has the experience and the knowledge of how Washington works in order to get it done. We just tried four years of inexperience,” Gingrich told NBC News.
A reception was held for Gingrich tonight at the Republican Party of Iowa headquarters. He remains in Iowa Friday with stops in Fort Dodge and Ames.