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Trump swats back at Huntsman

The back and forth continues between Donald Trump and Jon Huntsman's campaign.

This afternoon, a spokesman for Trump told NBC News he couldn't understand why Huntsman's campaign would be attacking Trump and the other Republican candidates he'd met with. Huntsman's campaign, Trump's spokesman said, had also made requests for a meeting.

"There were several calls made by the Huntsman campaign in which to schedule a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Trump and Ambassador Huntsman over the last few weeks," Trump Spokesman Michael Cohen said, although he provided no evidence of specific conversations or identify who exactly from the campaign sought to make that contact.

Asked this afternoon whether elements of the Huntsman campaign had indeed reached out to Trump, Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller declined to comment at this time.

Earlier today, Miller told NBC News: "Unlike Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Governor Huntsman isn't wasting his time with Presidential Apprentice, his focus is on real solutions to fix our nation's economy," adding "We're rooting for Gov. Romney and The Donald taking a helicopter to Manchester to announce this key endorsement, the search for the birth certificate, and their conveniently timed flip-flops on abortion."

Trump pushed back via his own twitter account this morning, tweeting: "@jonhuntsman has zero chance of getting the nomination. Whoever said I wanted to meet him? Time is money and I don't waste mine."

The ongoing volleys of anti-Trump tweets and statements mark something of a pattern with the Huntsman campaign. It has previously used twitter to poke fun at the rest of the pack, and separate Huntsman from the field. In a tweet that sparked a debate on the subject of Republican attitudes towards science, Huntsman attacked Rick Perry for his global-warming views, daring everyone to call the former Utah governor "crazy" for believing in global warming and science.

"The only way this guy can get any airtime is by trying to discredit Mr. Trump," Cohen said. "He [Huntsman] should worry less about Mr. Trump's poll numbers and try to figure out how to bring himself up in the polls, being that he ranks dead last in the Republican field," Cohen said.