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Inside the Boiler Room: Is the GOP field set?

Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro discuss whether or not there is still time for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Sarah Palin to enter the 2012 presidential race.

Thanks to Feisty Redhead for the question! Keep and eye out for our next post to submit questions for future Boiler Room segments.

Video was shot by NBC's Natalie Cucchiara and Lauren Selsky. Transcribed by NBC's Jordan Frasier.


DOMENICO MONTANARO: I'm Domenico Montanaro here with my colleague Mark Murray once again, here with another edition of Inside the Boiler Room.  Mark, we have a couple more questions from our commenters on the blog, and one comes from Feisty, who always likes to be first and a --that's not why she got picked this time, but her question is, "what's the absolute latest date Christie or Palin can throw their hats into the ring?" 

MARK MURRAY: Well, we actually have some actual dates here.  So the filing deadline for a presidential candidate to be on the ballot in Florida, and of course it looks like Florida's presidential primary is going to be on January 31st. That deadline is going to be October 31. We also know the deadline to be on the ballot in South Carolina, that's November 1, and the deadline to be on the ballot in New Hampshire is going to be about mid-November.  What does this all mean? If Chris Christie or Sarah Palin or anyone else really wants to be competitive and run for president, we have to know before October 31, which is really just less than a month from now.  In fact, an associate very close to Chris Christie ended up telling NBC News that because of these deadlines, and if he's actually going to get in, going to reconsider, that he only has about a few weeks to do so.

DOMENICO MONTANARO: So we've got four weeks - four and a half weeks just about.  You know, aside from that, the structure that you need to run a campaign, to raise money, even though it's probably easier now because of Citizens United where you could have a PAC come in maybe and help you raise some big money and maybe start the ground work, you know, all these other candidates have that too.  It's a little bit off-set, it can become difficult, and if we have a primary in early January, which is where we're starting to look like we're heading toward again, you know you only have about a month and a half to make your sale.

MARK MURRAY: Right, and you know look, anyone can be able to get into these contests before these deadlines.  There's a difference between getting in one of these races and actually winning or being competitive.  And I think every day that goes by and Chris Christie or Sarah Palin doesn't get in, it's less time to raise money, it's less time to build a campaign infrastructure, less time to start building oppo research files, so it's really hard and the people who have been successful presidential candidates in the past, this goes true for Barack Obama, George W. Bush, you look at those people, they've had their eye on the ball for several months if not several years before they declare their presidential campaign.  

DOMENICO MONTANARO: All great points.  I hope that answers it Feisty.

*** UPDATE *** If New Hampshire moves its primary up to January, as expected, then its filing deadline would take place in mid-October, not mid-November.