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Huntsman launches Tweet attack on Trump

CONCORD, N.H. – Jon Huntsman hopes to peck away at Donald Trump and Mitt Romney with Tweets.

Last night, a Fox News poll showed Trump's endorsement for the White House would have a more negative impact than positive. And over the past two days, Huntsman's campaign has been mocking rivals Romney and Rick Perry for meeting with Trump in New York.

Today, Trump decided he didn't exactly like all of this. The real estate magnate-turned-reality-show star went straight for Huntsman, Tweeting: "@jonhuntsman has zero chance of getting the nomination. Whoever said I wanted to meet him? Time is money and I don't waste mine."

Huntsman's spokesman Tim Miller, who has been Tweeting about Trump this week already, hit back in a statement to NBC: "Unlike Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Governor Huntsman isn't wasting his time with Presidential Apprentice, his focus is on real solutions to fix our nation's economy." He later Tweeted a similar statement.

When word for surfaced that Romney was meeting with Trump, Miller Tweeted: “Is Orly Taitz next on his list?” Taitz  is a so-called “birther,” an activist who has falsely pushed the notion that President Obama was not born in the United States, a sentiment Trump also attempted to lend credence to.

The ongoing stream of anti-Trump tweets and statements seem to be the Huntsman campaign's latest attempt to use Twitter to poke fun at the rest of the pack. Huntsman also attacked Rick Perry for his global-warming views, daring everyone to call the former Utah governor "crazy.”

"Governor Romney's Trump courtship certainly won’t help him in New Hampshire," Miller said yesterday.

"We're rooting for Gov. Romney and The Donald taking a helicopter to Manchester to announce this key endorsement, the search for the birth certificate, and their conveniently timed flip-flops on abortion," he told NBC News.