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Bachmann condemns Arab Spring, blames it on Obama

CONCORD, N.C. -- Michele Bachmann condemned the Arab Spring and blamed President Obama for allowing it to happen by "showing weakness" and by compromising the United States' relationship with Israel.

Why do you think there was an Arab Spring, she asked at a GOP fund-raiser at a local barbecue restaurant here. She went on to tie the uprisings to what she described as signals from the White House that America was abandoning Israel.

And in a new historical analogy, Bachmann drew a comparison between the fall of the Shah of Iran -- who Bachmann says Jimmy Carter "turned his back" on -- and President Obama's present-day relationship with Israel.

Bachmann also linked the rise of "Radical Jihad" to the fall of the Shah and the 1979 Iranian revolution.

Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said the Arab Spring is linked to President Obama "demonstrating weakness" with the American-Israeli relationship.