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Obama agenda: Rocky Mountain High

The New York Times on Obama pushing for his jobs bill in Denver, CO yesterday, “Mr. Obama said the $25 billion in the legislation for repairing and renovating schools would allow Abraham Lincoln High School, a well-kept but aging institution, to update science laboratories of a 1960s vintage”

"One of the biggest drags on the economy continues to be public-sector employees who are laid off -- and there are more coming in New York: “Gov. Cuomo began the process to lay off 3,500 workers Tuesday night after the state's second-largest employee union rejected a tentative contract that would have avoided job cuts,” the New York Daily News reports.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch is now suddenly “on board the Obama bus for reelection,” after hearing his speech at the U.N., calling his support of Israel “superb,” the New York Daily News reports. “I am very appreciative of the President providing Israel with more military intelligence and military technology than was provided by his predecessor, President [George W.] Bush. Whatever difficulties were there before, they may have been a result of a misunderstanding on my part.” OK, then…