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Congress: Another last-minute deal

 “The Senate reached a bipartisan spending agreement yesterday to avert a government shutdown, sidestepping a bitter impasse over disaster financing after federal authorities said they could most likely squeak though the rest of this week with the $144 million they have on hand,” the  Boston Globe writes. “After blocking one Democratic proposal, the Senate voted, 79 to 12, to approve a straightforward seven-week extension of funding for government agencies that were due to run out of money Friday, simultaneously replenishing accounts at the Federal Emergency Management Agency that this summer’s string of natural disasters nearly exhausted.”

The New York Times: “While the Senate actions appeared to head off a government shutdown for a second time this year, the embarrassing fight over disaster aid pulled into sharp relief both the enduring, sinewy power of the Tea Party — and its deep impact on fiscal policy — and Democrats’ revived pugnacity as they press President Obama’s jobs plan through next year’s elections.”

The Hill: “Under the agreement, the House would have to approve that stopgap measure by unanimous consent later this week in a pro forma session. This would give the lower chamber enough time to return from Congress's weeklong recess to consider the six-week measure.”

“Beginning to climb out of the hole they dug for themselves, House and Senate leaders agreed Monday night to take a series of steps intended to keep the government funded past Friday and defuse what’s become a partisan, even institutional fight over budgeting for disaster aid,” Politico’s Rogers adds.

The Wall Street Journal on Republican House leaders Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan at Facebook HQ yesterday: “Three top Republican lawmakers used an appearance at the social media giant Facebook on Monday to push for eliminating regulations that hinder the private sector.”