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More 2012: Colorado's calendar move

ARIZONA:  “Former Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Don Bivens formally announced his Senate campaign this morning in a video posted to his campaign website,” Roll Call writes.

COLORADO: Political Wire writes, “Colorado's decision ‘to bump forward the date of its caucuses doesn't immediately change anything for Iowa, but party officials here say they will, if necessary, move Iowa's date forward to preserve its first-in-the-nation status,’ the Des Moines Register reports.” Colorado moved up its date to Feb. 7, a day after the currently scheduled Feb. 6 Iowa contest.

OHIO: The Boston Globe profiles Republican Josh Mandel and Republicans’ chances at taking over the Senate: “In one of the nation’s political bellwethers, the face of Republican aspirations to recapture the Senate is youthful, if not boyish. Josh Mandel, the 33-year-old state treasurer of Ohio, looks more like a candidate for class president than Congress. But despite a 15-point disadvantage in the polls, Mandel — a two-tour Marine veteran of the Iraq War — is considered by political analysts to be an up-and-coming threat to liberal Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown.”

VIRGINIA: George Allen (R) leads Tim Kaine (D) 42%-39% in a new Roanoke College poll.