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2012: Reviews of Perry's day in Manhattan

BACHMANN: Per NBC’s Jamie Novogrod, Bachmann has no public events scheduled before Thursday’s FOX debate in Orlando. On Friday, she takes part in the Conservative Political Action Committee convention. And as for next week, the Chicago Sun Times reports that Bachmann will be going to a windy city suburb – Homer Glen – to attend a rally Monday.

The Washington Examiner reports that Bachmann’s decision not to compete in the Florida straw poll “has baffled conservatives because the 3,500 delegates who will pick the poll's winner will also be influential in shaping the outcome of Florida's critical GOP primary.” The newspaper notes that straw poll winners have won the GOP nomination, and in some cases the presidency. And then there’s this quote, from the co-founder of the Florida Tea Party: "I don't think she has common sense enough to be elected president or win the nomination."

The Des Moines Register yesterday took a look at the tone of Bachmann’s visit to Iowa, noting her “low-key” and “matter-of-fact” responses to questions from reporters Monday about Rick Perry.  She drew policy distinctions, according the newspaper, telling reporters she favors building a fence along the southern border – and reminded the media about her win at the Ames straw poll.  But the newspaper adds: “The idea that winning the straw poll was what counted, and that all she needs to do is compete in the caucuses, runs counter to both history and the current reality on the campaign trail.”

GINGRICH: In Iowa yesterday, Newt Gingrich said this, per NBC’s Matt Loffman: "I think there's a huge difference between President Obama and President Clinton. President Clinton had been governor of a conservative Southern state. He had dealt with a legislature for 12 years. He understood the idea that for our system to work you've got to find some way to work with each other. President Obama is a pure ideologue. It's like we took this college professor and dropped  him into the Oval Office. He has no sense of trying to find a common ground. For him to have a Rose Garden speech attacking Boehner is totally destructive at this point in American history. This economy is in very dangerously weak position, and I worry every morning about this economy."

JOHNSON: NBC’s Jo Ling Kent notes that presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has been added to the FOX/Google debate roster for Thursday evening's debate, according to reports. Johnson hasn't been in a debate since an earlier Fox debate in South Carolina May 5.

PAUL: Ron Paul, per NBC’s Anthony Terrell, was scheduled to make three stops in Iowa yesterday (but he missed the stop in Council Bluffs due to mechanical problems with his plane leaving Des Moines -- so he ended up calling in to that event). In the two stops he made, Paul took questions from the audience and his speeches emphasized the economic costs of overseas wars, how young voters are receptive to his message, and warnings about U.S. taxpayer money used to bail out European countries.

PERRY: Here’s the New York Post on Perry’s day in Manhattan yesterday: “Rick Perry unloaded on President Obama’s Israel policy yesterday -- picking up an attack that has already dented the president’s popularity -- then scooped up New York cash for his surging campaign. On the second day of a New York swing that coincided with Obama’s trip to the United Nations, the Texas governor ripped Obama for putting too much pressure on Israel and accused him of ‘appeasement.’ ‘Simply put, we would not be here today, at the precipice of such a dangerous move if the Obama policy in the Middle East wasn’t naive, arrogant, misguided and dangerous,’ Perry fumed.”

Here's the New York Daily News: "With the Obama Administration engaged in some delicate diplomacy, Gov. Rick Perry waded into the debate and accused Obama of emboldening the Palestinians by demanding compromises from the Israelis... At one point in his speech, Perry pronounced Palestine Pal-a-steen, which is how Texans pronounce the name of the east Texas town, Palestine.