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Cain rallies crowd at SC town hall

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. -- Rep. Tim Scott and businessman Herman Cain rallied a town hall crowd today by making President Obama’s policies their target.

At the beginning of the event, part of his presidential candidate series, Scott talked about the National Labor Relation’s Board lawsuit against Boeing, in which the NLRB claims the company punished unionized workers in Washington State by moving a plant from there to South Carolina.

Scott recently sponsored House-passed legislation that would prohibit the NLRB from having any input on a company’s location, and urged the crowd of about 200 to keep the pressure on his Senate colleagues.

“I’m not going to quit this fight until we win it!” Scott said, urging the cheering crowd to call Democratic senators and voice their support of the bill. “Flood those lines until they are locked down,” Scott said. 

The Daniel Island School, the site of the town hall, is about fifteen minutes away from the Boeing plant.

The crowd was fully riled up by the time Cain arrived in the school’s auditorium, about 15 minutes late.

“Is there a godfather in the house?” Scott asked as he introduced Cain, alluding to Cain’s former role as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. 

Cain kept the crowd’s momentum going as he praised Scott for his labor bill, saying that he and Scott have the same commitment to short legislation, which Cain contrasted with President Obama’s new 200-page jobs bill. 

Brandishing a single piece of paper that he said was Scott’s bill, Cain exclaimed, “This is the American people’s legislation! It doesn’t have to be complicated!”  

Cain took questions from the crowd, a friendly audience made up of primarily activists from local Tea Party and 9/12 groups, on topics ranging from what he would do about the United Nations to the debt ceiling.

“How do you resolve the debt issue? Raising the debt ceiling is not the answer!” asked one questioner, according to Scott, who read each inquiry aloud. “I agree,” came Cain’s answer. 

While the Tea Party stresses fiscal discipline above all, the audience cheered when Cain said he would oppose further cuts to military spending. It’s worth noting that the Charleston area has a strong military presence, housing Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps bases.

“I will oppose President Obama’s decision to begin to cut our military and enhance our military because the world is not safer!” Cain said.

Cain and Scott, both African American, also laughed at the concept that the Tea Party is racist. 

“Oh those terrible racist Tea Party conservatives coming to hear two black dudes hang out!” Scott said as the audience laughed. “Why can’t we just all get along!” he added, to applause.