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Huntsman criticizes GOP field for 'scary' rhetoric

MERRIMACK, NH -- Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman today was greeted by a full marching band here at Merrimack High School, before he criticized the GOP field for "political bluster" on Social Security and slammed Mitt Romney on his approach to China.

Huntsman talked about the "scary references" to Social Security in Monday's GOP debate.

"This is all about presenting real proposals to the American people, cutting out the scary references, cutting out the political bluster and hot air," Huntsman said. "We find ourselves sometimes at extreme ends politically kinda shouting past one other. All the American people are looking for is simply some proposals. Just give us a road map."

The former ambassador to China also jabbed Romney on his jobs plan, which calls China a currency manipulator. Huntsman cautioned Romney that election campaigning could endanger the relationship.

"We don't want a trade war during a recession," Huntsman said about Romney's China position to call the country a current manipulator.

"Rhetoric doesn't work. The US-China relationship has never been based on rhetoric. That may work when you're trying to get a cheer or a response from an audience. But in the real world, which is where I see the US-China relationship, those are the kinds of things that result in unwanted results and an escalation of trade frictions. Those don't get us anywhere. They don't create jobs."

Huntsman's campaign also announced that the executive chairman of Morgan Stanley Tom Bell, as well as Nike chairman and co-founder Phil Knight, will serve as his business and economic advisers.