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More 2012: The King of Queens

MASSACHUSETTS: Elizabeth Warren officially announced her bid for the Senate. Here’s her launch video, in which she says, in part: "Middle class families have been chipped at, hacked at, squeezed and hammered for a generation now, and I don't think Washington gets it."

But it’s not a coronation. Warren still faces a crowded primary. Alan Khazei, for one, said in this local report: “This is for the voters to decide, it's not for Washington insiders' party elites to decide.” And Mayor Setti Warren: “I've served this country in uniform. I understand the challenges abroad and understand what we have to too here at home to get people back to work.”

“Should Elizabeth Warren be fortunate enough to win the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s US Senate nomination next year, state voters could see an election contest that rivals the concurrent presidential campaign,” the Boston Globe’s Johnson reports, adding: “Not since the Weld-Kerry race in 1996 could Massachusetts see a general election campaign like this. As in that battle royale between two bluebloods, then-Governor William F. Weld and still-Senator John Kerry, the candidates would be well-financed, nationally supported, and adept at debating.”

NEW YORK: The New York Daily News’s cover: “Turner takes Weiner seat.” The Daily News’ Celeste Katz puts the blame on Weprin: “Sure, Obama was a drag. But Democrat David Weprin was his own worst enemy - and his name was on the ballot, not the President's. The race against GOP political novice Bob Turner shouldn't have been close, but Weprin's campaign fumbled it away.”

The New York Post, on the other hand, of course, draws a straight line to President Obama with this cover headline: “Wham Bam!”

The AP: “The national mood has darkened since May, when Democrats scored their own unexpected win in another New York special election. Then, Democrat Kathy Hochul won an upset victory in a heavily Republican district by stressing her commitment to protecting Medicare, the government health plan for seniors. Weprin tried to adopt that strategy, warning that Turner would try to cut programs like Medicare and Social Security. But with unemployment still stubbornly high and voters upset with Washington over the debt ceiling negotiations, the pledge to protect entitlements was less resonant this time.”

Msnbc.com: “In a sharp rebuff to President Barack Obama, Republican Bob Turner won a special House election in New York Tuesday night, giving the GOP a district that Obama had carried with 55 percent in 2008 and which Democrats had held for years. Meanwhile, Republican Mark Amodei won a landslide victory over Democrat Kate Marshall in a U.S. House special election in Nevada, an important presidential swing state.”

The latest AP results: 54%-46% with 449 of 512 districts reporting.