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In Ohio, Obama presses Congress to pass jobs bill

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- In a speech here in the presidential battleground state of Ohio, President Obama today pressed Congress to pass his American Jobs Act. 

Like he did in his address to Congress on Thursday, as well as in his remarks in Virginia a day later, Obama uttered his new catchphrase, "Pass this bill." And this time, the supportive crowd was willing to chant along.

The backdrop here was a school in the home state of House Speaker John Boehner and in the district of a first-term Republican member of Congress who helped the GOP win back control of Congress last year.

The president referenced a report that some Republicans don’t want to work with him on the jobs bill because it would be a “win” for the White House. When the audience jeered this suggestion, Obama said it wouldn’t be a win for Republicans or Democrats. “It’s about giving the American people a win,” he said. 

And he said it would be a win for the schools of Columbus, too. According to the White House, the president's plan -- in its submitted-to-Congress form -- could provide the Columbus City School District up to $111.6 million to help "modernize" schools. In total, the White House has proposed to spend $25 billion on improving and updating 35,000 public schools across the country.  

What Obama stayed away from in his speech was talk of whether he'd accept Congress passing pieces of his bill -- instead of the whole 155-page package that the White House delivered yesterday. Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “If Congress were to send a portion of the American Jobs Act, the president would, of course, not veto it. He would sign it and then he would return to press the Congress to get the rest of the job done."