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More 2012: Dems getting nervous about keeping Weiner seat?

NEW MEXICO: “New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R), who has taken a very hard line on illegal immigrantion, acknowledged to KLUZ-TV that her paternal grandparents entered the United States illegally,” Political Wire writes.

NEW YORK: “Democrats are showing the clearest sign yet of concern ahead of next Tuesday's special election in New York's 9th District - the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going up on air with an expensive television buy in the campaign's closing days. According to buy information obtained by Hotline On Call, the DCCC has made a $483,500 TV ad buy in the district, starting tomorrow through Monday.”

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has tweaked the TV ad that is set to begin airing Friday in New York over concerns about 9/11-like imagery,” Roll Call reports. “The first version of the spot, posted to YouTube on Thursday, slammed Republican Bob Turner for living the “high life,” as an animation of a corporate jet swooped by. Later in the ad, the jet banks across the screen in front of a lifelike rendering of the New York City skyline.”