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2012: Perry vs. Romney

The New York Times, like everyone else does, frames last night’s debate a clash between Perry and Romney. “A series of spirited exchanges between the two men, which revealed differences in substance and style, offered the first extensive look into the months-long contest ahead. They traded attacks on each other’s job creation records and qualifications to be president, overshadowing their opponents in the crowded Republican field.”

More: “On the eve of the president’s economic speech to a joint session of Congress, the debate here at the Ronald Reagan Museum and Library focused far more on the distinctions among the Republican candidates than on Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy.” 

The L.A. Times: “Sharing a debate stage for the first time, Republicans Rick Perry and Mitt Romney sparred Wednesday night in a series of testy exchanges over jobs, Social Security and the proper tone of a candidate who presumes to lead the country.” 

“Mr. Perry, the governor of Texas, used his first appearance in a nationally televised debate to introduce himself with Lone Star bravado, saying his state's strong job growth came from its commitment to low taxation and regulation. He questioned the science behind global warming and called Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme,’” the Wall Street Journal says. 

The Washington Post adds, "Although Perry has had relatively little experience in such a setting, he was at ease — and occasionally combative. The Texas governor appeared unflustered and unapologetic as he took fire on his record and on some of the inflammatory statements he has made."

The Times finds fault with many of the facts used at last night’s debate.