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More 2012: Baldwin jumps in

NEVADA: A tough New York Times piece on the likely Dem nominee in Nevada’s competitive Senate contest. “Ms. Berkley’s actions were among a series over the last five years in which she pushed legislation or twisted the arms of federal regulators to pursue an agenda that is aligned with the business interests of her husband, Dr. Larry Lehrner. In addition to the hospital contract, he operates a dozen dialysis centers in Nevada and has played a central role in an industry campaign to lobby members of Congress — including his wife — on behalf of kidney care providers.”

WISCONSIN: Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s running for the Senate. "I've heard story after story from people across Wisconsin about how their families and communities have been hurt by the economy. And they feel like no one cares; like no one's listening to them," Baldwin says in a campaign-launch video, per The Hill. "That's why I'm running for the U.S. Senate — to stand up for you, no matter how tough the odds, or how powerful the special interests it means fighting against."