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Huntsman: 'I'm running as a Republican'

CONCORD, NH -- At a gun show here in New Hampshire's capital city, Jon Huntsman attempted to silence speculation on the future of his White House bid.

When asked if he would run as an independent candidate, Huntsman chuckled and said, "I'm running as a Republican, proudly so. And I think we will get a lot of independent votes no doubt about that."

Forty-two percent of New Hampshire's voters are undeclared as of spring 2011, according to the Office of the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

Huntsman, who has owned guns since his youth, and his wife Mary Kaye showed particular interest in several antique guns and browsed a wide array of bullets. "I've been shooting guns since I was six, when I started with a b.b. gun then a .22 when I was 12, which I still have,"Huntsman said.

"I like the 30-30 classics," he said. That's probably my favorite coming from the West."

Huntsman kicks off the second half of this New Hamphire swing tomorrow with two county fair visits.