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Huntsman fires New Hampshire director

Jon Huntsman has dismissed his New Hampshire Director Ethan Elion (as well as his wife, who is a scheduler for the campaign).

Sarah Crawford Stewart will take over operations in the state.

The campaign calls it a "simple personnel move. Sarah is very capable to take over up there. She's done this successfully before."

In about two months as a presidential candidate, Huntsman has seen his campaign manager (Susie Wiles) step down and now his New Hampshire director fired. This, in addition, to lagging poll numbers in early state polls and national ones, like yesterday's from Quinnipiac showing him at just 1%.

Here's a statement from campaign spokesman Michael Levoff:

"Sarah Crawford Stewart, a seasoned New Hampshire strategist, will be taking over many of the day-to-day responsibilities in her role as New Hampshire senior adviser. The campaign is very pleased with the leadership team we have in place in New Hampshire."

The New Hampshire Union Leader first reported the news.