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Congress: Cantor takes heat on disaster relief

The Hill calls out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on disaster relief: “Cantor's insistence that federal disaster aid be offset elsewhere in the budget runs directly counter to his position in the past when the money went to help his Virginia district. In the summer of 2004, after Tropical Storm Gaston slammed into Richmond, Cantor was on the front lines of efforts to secure millions of dollars in federal assistance to clean the wreckage and repair damaged infrastructure. Although the funding was not offset, Cantor cheered its arrival.

“‘The magnitude of the damage suffered by the Richmond area is beyond what the Commonwealth can handle,’ Cantor said in a press release at the time, ‘and that is why I asked the President to make federal funds available for the citizens affected by Gaston.’”

The White House piled on: “Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, Carney said the federal government’s priority should be to respond to the disaster. He also noted that Cantor (R-Va.) hadn’t demanded offsets when the Bush administration rang up ‘unprecedented bills.’”