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More 2012: NH GOP fight heats up

MASSACHUSETTS: The Boston Globe sits down with Elizabeth Warren: “Warren is the would-be Senate candidate who has yet to declare her intentions, but has made enough moves in the race that nearly everyone who is watching closely sees her as the biggest name in a Democratic field attempting to defeat Republican Scott Brown next year,” the paper writes. “In an interview yesterday, the Harvard Law School professor did nothing to dispel the assumption that she plans to run, answering detailed questions about the economic issues she would emphasize in her campaign and the patchwork details of her personal story.”

Globe columnist Brian McGrory says forget the comparisons to Martha Coakley: “Think of Martha Coakley, all tailored and scripted, and now think of the exact opposite. Think of Brown, cautiously circling every critical issue before tiptoeing ahead with a last-minute stand, and think of the opposite of that as well. Think of our governor, preaching the virtues of togetherness in that pleasantly wispy voice of his, and think of the opposite. She talks from her gut as well as her sizable brain. She bothers not with polls and focus groups. She far prefers to fight for what she believes in rather than compromise it all away. As I said, it may take a little while to get used to this.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: “Embattled New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball promised to increase fund-raising, retire debt, and hire new staff in a last-ditch effort to save his job,” the Boston Globe reports. “The action plan was outlined in a memorandum sent last night to the party’s Executive Committee, which plans to vote Thursday on whether to oust the chairman. Despite calls to step down by New Hampshire’s top Republican elected officials, Kimball has refused to do so and showed the same defiance in his strategy plan.”

More: The delegation called on the 36-member Executive Committee to defer any action on Kimball to the entire Republican State Committee. It includes nearly 500 members and chose Kimball last January in a 222-199 vote. Last week, US Representatives Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta, US Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senate President Peter Bragdon, and House Speaker William O’Brien called on Kimball to step down. O’Brien was formerly a staunch supporter of Kimball, delivering the speech nominating Kimball for chairman.