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Obama agenda: A hint or two

Per the Washington Post, President Obama gave some hints about his upcoming economic proposal. "'I will be laying out a series of steps that Congress can take immediately to put more money in the pockets of working families and middle-class families, to make it easier for small businesses to hire people, to put construction crews to work rebuilding our nation’s roads and railways and airports, and all the other measures that can help to grow this economy,' he said."

"Obama said the plan would consist of 'bipartisan ideas that ought to be the kind of proposals that everybody can get behind, no matter what your political affiliation might be.'"

“The White House has issued detailed guidelines to government officials on how to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, with instructions to honor the memory of those who died on American soil but also to recall that Al Qaeda and other extremist groups have since carried out attacks elsewhere in the world, from Mumbai to Manila,” the New York Times says.

“The full measure of Hurricane Irene’s fury came into focus yesterday as the death toll climbed to 40, communities battled huge floods, and millions faced the dispiriting prospect of several days without electricity,” AP writes.

The outgoing chair of the National Labor Relations Board responded to the independent agency’s critics, according to the New York Times. “‘The criticism is grossly out of proportion to what has happened and what has been done,’ said [Wilma] Liebman, who was first appointed to the board by President Bill Clinton in 1997. ‘We knew we were going to have a boxing match, but we didn’t expect our opponents to come in with a baseball bat.’”

More: “Ms. Liebman said that under the Obama administration, the Democratic-controlled board had reversed only a handful of rulings made by the Republican-controlled board appointed by President Bush. ‘The perception of this agency as doing radical things is mystifying to me,” she said. “The rhetoric is so overheated.’” 

Yesterday we wrote about those monogrammed fleeces we kept seeing on TV, well, the Boston Globe’s Johnson today notes Gov. Deval Patrick’s (D-MA) style: “Celebrity magazines have made the “fashion disaster” an everyday term. Governor Deval Patrick is working to make disaster fashion his personal trademark.”