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2012: Scout's honor

“Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are developing a rivalry for the White House, but their bitter personal feud dates back much further - to a spat over the role of Boy Scouts as volunteers in the 2002 Winter Olympics,” the Boston Globe says. “Perry, who proudly wears an Eagle Scout pin on his lapel, has harshly criticized Romney for a decision made while he ran the Olympics not to allow Boy Scouts to be official volunteers during the games.”

CNN is the latest national poll to show Rick Perry in the lead. He’s at 32% -- followed by Romney at 18%, Bachmann at 12%, Gingrich at 7%, and Paul at 6%.

BACHMANN: “As most Republican candidates barnstorm the Granite State seeking votes in the first-in-the-nation primary, Bachmann has been campaigning in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida,” the Boston Globe writes. “On Memorial Day, Bachmann told reporters in New Hampshire that she considered the state very important. But her last visit was June 28, the day after she formally announced her candidacy. She canceled a visit in August. While her campaign insists Bachmann will visit next month, her early absence could cost her votes.”

Bachmann has a memoir coming out in November.

HUNTSMAN: “Huntsman's ad man, Fred Davis, has joined a new Super PAC backing Huntsman,” GOP 12 writes via RealClearPolitics.

PALIN: NBC’s Alex Moe confirmed that Christine O'Donnell will speak at the Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” event this Saturday before Palin does, according to organizer Charlie Gruschow. O'Donnell is currently on a book signing tour. Gruschow said that O'Donnell's addition "fell out of the sky" when another Tea Party group contacted them about adding her as a speaker. He said Palin's people were contacted before the addition was finalized, and they had the room in the lineup. Palin did endorse O'Donnell in her unsuccessful 2010 Senate run.

Palin, Moe adds, will speak roughly around 2:30pm ET on Saturday for about 30 minutes. Gruschow said they are hoping for large crowds, but he doesn’t have an exact estimate and doesn’t know what Palin's message will be. 

PERRY: The Houston Chronicle looks into allegations of inappropriate donations to Perry during his 2006 re-election campaign.

“Republican presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that if elected he would not rely on new stimulus programs to boost the economy reports the Associated Press,” The Hill writes. "You won't have stimulus programs under a Perry presidency. You won't spend all the money," said Perry Monday at the Tulsa Press Club.

Kinky Friedman on why he’s supporting Perry over Obama, per GOP 12: "It comes down to this: do you prefer a president who doesn't believe in evolution, or do you prefer a president that doesn't believe in Israel? That counts for something." (A reality check: Obama has affirmed the United States’ commitment to Israel.)

ROMNEY: The Boston Globe notes how Romney has tweaked his language on global warming since Perry has gotten in the race.

Mitt Romney says he’s not quadrupling the size of his beach house, he’s only doubling it. Well, he’s doubling the “living space.” The square footage is almost quadruple if you only include the new garage and basement. “It's not accurate, Romney said, simply,” per the conservative publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader Joe McQuaid. “The application he made, two years ago, was to double the living space by turning one story into two. The “quadrupling'' was a measurement of added nonliving space, including a basement and garage.”

How ‘bout this headline from the New York Post: “'Jewish' Bachmann is costing Romney.” “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing a new challenge: He's having trouble raising money from some Jewish donors who mistakenly believe one of his opponents, Michele Bachmann, is Jewish. Some Jewish donors are telling fund-raisers for Romney, a Mormon, that while they like him, they'd rather open their wallets for the ‘Jewish candidate,’ who they don't realize is actually a Lutheran, The Post has learned. ‘It's a real problem,’ one Romney fund-raiser said. ‘We're working very hard in the Jewish community because of Obama's Israel problem. This was surprising.’” She didn’t even know how to pronounce “chutzpah!”

Headlining a long list of state leaders at the Orangeburg, South Carolina GOP picnic, Sen. Jim DeMint said 2012 might be Republicans’ “last chance” to fill Congress and the White House with conservatives that meet DeMint’s standards, NBC’s Ali Weinberg reports. “I think 2012 could be our last chance to turn this thing around and SC is going to play a pivotal role, not just our local and state offices but sending back our Congressional delegation and also being a major player in selecting the president of the United States,” DeMint said, speaking to a crowd of about 100 people at Cox Farms, owned by the family behind the major wood producer Cox Industries.