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Perry jumps to top of another national poll

Rick Perry has shot to the top of yet another national poll.

The Texas governor now leads in a new CNN/Opinion Research poll 32%-18% over Mitt Romney.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is third with 12%. No one else cracks double digits. Newt Gingrich pulls in 7%, Rep. Ron Paul 6%, Herman Cain 3%, Gary Johnson 2%, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, and Thaddeus McCotter all at 1%. Neither Huntsman nor Santorum has been able to break through despite full-fledged, on-the-ground campaigning.

With Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani factored in, Perry still leads by 13 percentage points, 27%-14% over Romney. Palin gets 10%, jumping ahead of Bachmann at 9%. Giuliani also gets 9%.

The poll is a marked shift from earlier this month, just before Perry got in, when Romney led Perry 23%-18%.

Perry's base, according to the poll, appears to be men and voters age 50-64. He also leads by a wide margin among those who identify as Tea Party.

For all the talk of President Obama's slippage with his base, the number of Democrats saying he deserves reelection actually ticked up from earlier this month from 70% to 72%. That is, however, down from a high of 83% back in April.