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Huntsman set to unveil jobs plan next week, leapfrogs Romney, Obama

BEDFORD NH-- The Huntsman campaign is jumping ahead of the pack and unveiling a new jobs plan Wednesday at a metal manufacturer in Hudson, N.H., one week earlier than President Obama and Mitt Romney's planned announcements.

"Governor Huntsman is going to lay out an economic agenda that would turn our economy around and allow entrepreneurs to thrive and create
jobs just as he did in Utah," spokesman Michael Levoff told NBC News in an email today.

The former Utah governor, who most recently served as U.S. ambassador to China, has been met with criticism -- as have other GOP contenders -- for not having a jobs plan. Huntsman's plan to jump start the U.S. economy is likely be a central conversation piece as he heads into six days of campaign stops across New Hampshire, the state he has highlighted as his top priority in the upcoming primary season.

"He believes its time for us to make 'made in America' mean something again and a Granite State manufacturer is a great place to start," Levoff said of Huntsman.

Mitt Romney will announce his jobs plan on Sept. 6. President Obama indicated he will make a major speech sometime in September.