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2012: All I need is a miracle

An AP-GFK poll found Republicans are growing happier with their field. “[T]wo-thirds of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents are pleased with the party's presidential field, compared with just half in June.”

BACHMANN: As she was making her case to voters at a town hall in Charleston, SC, Rep. Michele Bachmann got a surprise visit from that state’s governor, Nikki Haley, NBC’s Ali Weinberg reports. Haley, who said she was an “undecided” voter asked what Bachmann would do as president about the National Labor Relations Board/Boeing controversy. Bachmann said the first thing she would do is appoint “pro-growth” members of the board.

Bachmann also called for “every inch” of the U.S.-Mexico border to be protected by a fence – something with which Texas Gov. Rick Perry disagrees. She added that her stance “doesn’t mean anyone is anti-Hispanic. I’d be offended if anyone left this room thinking anyone here is anti-Hispanic.”

And she said this: “I think it’s a last chance election if you ask me,” she continued. “We need a miracle right now.”

Bachmann’s Florida tour begins today, NBC’s Jamie Novogrod points out. She has one event scheduled for the day -- at a sandwich shop in Jacksonville Beach, FL. On Saturday morning, she’ll hold a town hall in Poinciana, FL, and in the evening will give the address at an annual dinner held by the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative group. On Sunday, Bachmann will address congregants at the Idlewild Baptist Church, in Lutz, FL, and later will attend a Sarasota GOP rally.

The Florida Independent, a left-leaning website, reports that the restaurant hosting Bachmann today is affiliated with the tea party. And, the restaurant -- Angie’s Subs -- has been in the news before. The Independent’s story links to an April 2010 report from a local television station, about a sign outside the restaurant reading: “A Bible Thumpin’ Gun Totin’ Capitalist Pig Owns This Joint.” That story got pickup from Fox, and the owner, Ed Malin, appeared on “Fox & Friends.”

CAIN: “Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is worth between $2.9 million and $6.6 million, according to personal financial disclosure documents obtained and examined by The Daily Caller.”

HUNTSMAN: Huntsman did another media interview – his third this week – on PBS’s NewsHour, NBC’s Jo Ling Kent notes. In it, Huntsman said he "can put the numbers together to actually win in 2012” and this: "As president, I wouldn't hesitate to call on a sacrifice from all of our people, even those at the very highest end of the income spectrum," Huntsman said. "I'm not saying higher taxes, but there are contributions they can make too.”

PATAKI: Pataki for President? Maybe not. That balloon didn’t have much air in it. CNN reports that former New York Gov. George Pataki won’t run for president after all.

PERRY: Rick Perry has signed Bob Haus, a sharp vet of three presidential campaigns, to provide strategic support for his Iowa effort, and he's also picked up another key member in the state -- Matt Gronewald, who was serving as executive director of the Iowa GOP,” GOP 12 writes.

Perry gets a 63%/12% fav/unfav among Republicans.

ROMNEY: This past week, Romney defended his beach home expansion, saying it was about the grandkids; opened up a potential general election Democratic avenue of attack on Social Security: “Republicans like myself aren’t going to cut Social Security or Medicare for people who are retired or near retirement,” which sounded a lot like Paul Ryan; defended his “corporations are people” remark again; and he waded back into hitting “sanctuary cities,” maintaining that he’s always been against them. It’s a potential issue for him to use against Rick Perry, who presides over a state with the second-highest number of illegal immigrants in the country. But Romney’s opponents (like Rudy Giuliani in 2007) would argue he’s not the best messenger on it, considering he did little to combat “sanctuary cities” when he was governor of Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe notes: “Conservative editorial pages have taken him to task for the Bay State’s health care overhaul, and voters have asked him on the stump about it, but few of his opponents so far have tried to capitalize on the issue directly.”

Romney yesterday introduced a debt clock at his town hall. Romney said he will be “going around the country” with it talking about debt, per NBC’s Garrett Haake. "President Obama, when he was Senator Obama, called the fact that George W. Bush added to the deficit, be called it Unpatriotic," Romney said. "I wonder what he would consider his own actions as president when so many people are out of work and when that number is racing around like it is."

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry really have been calling Donald Trump?