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Congress: Just 12% approve

The latest AP-GFK poll shows a whopping 87% disapprove of Congress. Just 12% approve of Congress, its lowest rating in the poll.

Welcome back, Mr. President. President Obama is set to return from Martha’s Vineyard Sunday. And tomorrow House Speaker John Boehner will be sending a letter to the president tomorrow noting the number of planned Obama administration regulatory actions that it says have a significant impact on jobs and the economy. “The fact that the regulatory barrage is being expanded - not scaled back - appears to contradict the White House rhetoric this week,” said a Boehner aide. “In the letter, Boehner requests that President Obama identify for Congress which of these regulations have an estimated economic impact of more than $1 billion.” 

In addition, the speaker’s office is posting a blog called, "Obama Administration’s Own Public Data Shows Job-Crushing Regulatory Agenda Set to Increase, Not Decrease.” And so the fall campaign begins…

Boehner gets just a 29% approval rating in the AP-GFK poll.

And there’s this: “It is hard to find a tax cut that Congressional Republicans dislike. Unless it is a tax cut pushed by President Obama,” the New York Times writes. “In a turning of the tax policy tables, Democrats are increasingly hammering on Republicans who oppose the president’s proposal to extend for a year a payroll tax cut passed last year with bipartisan support.” And this quote: “All tax relief is not created equal,” said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House majority leader. “If the goal is job creation, Leader Cantor has long believed that there are better ways to grow the economy and create jobs than temporary payroll tax relief.”

Good luck to the “supercommittee.”