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Pataki website shows hints of presidential run

The early makings of George Pataki’s presidential website were accidentally made public this morning before media reports surfaced of the site’s existence and the prototype was scrubbed of any mention of the former New York governor.

As first revealed by the news site PolitickerNY.com, a "George Pataki President" logo sat in the upper left corner of the site with tabs below labeled “Debt Crisis Plan” and a link to his biography. Another tab titled "The Pataki Record" highlighted nine issues ranging from the budget and taxes to education. Immigration and social issues, like gay rights, were not highlighted.

Pataki spokesman David Catalfamo told CapitalTonight.com: "Can’t run a campaign without a website -- the hosting company apparently made a mistake and has prematurely made it searchable. The site is still in development and will only be launched if the Governor decides to get in the race."

The site was created by NetBoots, the same company that created a website for Pataki's organization "No American Debt," which favors reducing the federal debt. According to the NetBoots website, the company was "launched to ensure all conservative candidates, organizations, and grassroots movements have access to powerful, professional websites."

Both the Pataki site and "No American Debt" site have the same image of an American flag and Statue of Liberty in the banner.

NetBoots has created sites for Mike Lee's 2010 Senate run and Jane Corwin, a Republican who lost in a special Congressional election in New York this May.

The mistake has only increased speculation that Pataki will announce his presidential candidacy soon. Pataki will be attending the Polk County Picnic in Iowa on Saturday, along with other Republican presidential hopefuls Rick Perry and Ron Paul. 

Darrell Kearney, finance director and events chairman for the Polk County Republican Party, told NBC News he expects a “major announcement” from Pataki at the event.

*** UPDATE *** Catalfamo tells NBC News: "Governor Pataki was one of, if not the first, candidate to take an online donation, and if we launch I would expect to have a very aggressive online campaign."

A check of GoDaddy.com shows Georgepataki.com is registered to Campaign Solutions in Alexandria, VA.  They describe themselves as "a full-service online consulting firm specializing in fundraising, advertising, mobile, social media, and web development. We've raised more money online than any other political consulting or public affairs firm in history."

It has done work with Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign and McCain-Palin in '08.

Also, GeorgePataki.com does not expire until July 2013