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Obama agenda: A defiant Khaddafy

“Muammar Qaddafi vowed ‘martyrdom’ or victory a day after Libyan rebels seized control of his Bab Al Aziziya compound in Tripoli,” Bloomberg reports. “Qaddafi, 69, called on his supporters to ‘cleanse’ Tripoli of ‘rats,’ al-Arabiya TV reported, citing a recording of comments broadcast early today by a local radio station. Fighting against his loyalists flared elsewhere, rebel officials said, including around the southern city of Sabha, a Qaddafi stronghold and home to a major military base.”

Obama’s Gallup approval hit an all-time low yesterday at 38%.

“The unpopular debt-ceiling deal has significantly hampered President Obama’s effort to win over independent voters,” The Hill writes. Ross Baker at Rutgers said, “He lost his hero status with liberals if he hadn't previously with the extension of Bush tax cuts. His willingness not to press for revenues did not help him with persuadable GOP leaners and he is just anathema to conservatives and would have been irrespective of the outcome.”

“In an effort aimed at saving billions of dollars for small businesses, the White House Tuesday unveiled final plans to cut or scale back hundreds of federal regulations following a government-wide review of rules launched earlier this year,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

Sunstein wrote in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal: “[A]gencies are releasing their final plans, including hundreds of initiatives that will reduce costs, simplify the system, and eliminate redundancy and inconsistency.” And: “Many of the reforms focus on small business. For example, the Department of Defense recently issued a new rule to accelerate payments on contracts to as many as 60,000 small businesses, thus improving their cash flow in an economically difficult time. The Small Business Administration is adopting a single electronic application to reduce the paperwork burden now imposed on certain lenders, which in turn will benefit borrowers who seek relatively small amounts of capital to grow and succeed.”

The Boston Globe adds “The White House released final plans yesterday to streamline federal bureaucracy by eliminating 500 regulatory requirements across two dozen US agencies, an overhaul that could make it easier for travelers to obtain a visa and military contractors to get paid.”

When something’s never good enough… “The White House said on Tuesday that federal regulatory cuts would save Washington more than $10 billion over five years, but business groups warned that companies could face more costs from new rules in the pipeline,” Reuters writes, noting that groups like the Chamber of Commerce complained that “the Obama administration was also pushing for potentially costly measures related to the ozone layer, air quality, injury prevention and other areas that could quickly undercut the savings announced on Tuesday.”

“President Obama's effort to roll back costly regulations that are not needed could save more than $10 billion over five years, but critics say that's a drop in the bucket,” USA Today writes, noting the biggest complaints from the chamber and other groups are regulations from “the health care and financial overhauls of 2010 and a pending change in ozone standards sought by the Environmental Protection Agency.”

“Vice President Joe Biden said he ‘didn’t come to explain a damn thing’ on his visit to China, adding that the country’s economy had become the world’s second biggest due to the stabilizing presence of U.S. troops in Asia,” Bloomberg reports. “Some media had suggested the purpose of his trip to China was to ‘explain our economic situation,’ Biden told U.S. troops at Yokota airbase in Japan today. ‘I didn’t come to explain a damn thing.’"

GOP 12 looks at how Biden has gotten slammed from the left and right for his China “one-child” comments.