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Obama agenda: 'Khaddafy regime is coming to an end'

The United States is a "friend and partner" to the new Libya, President Obama said in a statement he released yesterday. "The Khaddafy regime is coming to an end," Obama said. "The future of Libya is in the hands of its people." Khaddafy's "reign," he added, "has unraveled."

“President Obama said yesterday the United States is prepared to aid Libyan rebel forces in a peaceful transition to democracy, and he urged opposition forces to refrain from reprisals that could undermine the rapid advances that drove strongman Moammar Khadafy into hiding,” the Boston Globe adds. “Obama’s declaration came after a five-month NATO air bombardment - which Obama backed, despite critics who warned of involvement in an Arab quagmire - that helped the rebels move toward wresting control from the North African leader.”

Politico: “The fall of Tripoli is a foreign policy triumph for which President Barack Obama won’t hold a ticker-tape parade: no flight suit, no chest-thumping, no ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner. But the low-profile, inexpensive ouster of Col. Muammar Qadhafi marks an important milestone for the administration, foreign policy analysts say — perhaps the most concrete evidence that the more modest American foreign policy approach that has become Obama’s hallmark and perhaps his biggest area of contrast with his more interventionist predecessor might actually work.” 

"President Obama was a reluctant warrior in Libya, drawn into the rebel uprising over the warnings of his Pentagon chief and his own qualms about getting the United States entangled in yet another war in the Muslim world," the New York Times says. "Now that the rebels have seized most of Tripoli and driven Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi into hiding, Mr. Obama claimed a victory for his much-doubted strategy. But that victory is tinged by the same uncertainties that made the president so wary of getting involved in the first place."

You’re just not cool if you don’t have a super PAC… “The AFL-CIO hopes to boost its clout by launching a political action committee that could raise unlimited amounts of money, part of the federation’s goal of building a year-round political organizing structure,” AP reports. “Forming a ‘super labor PAC’ would allow the federation to raise money from sympathetic donors both inside and outside union membership and mobilize support beyond its traditional base, instead of ramping up political activities each election cycle.”

President Obama will speak in Detroit on Labor Day, Sept. 5.

“U.S. Vice President Joe Biden tried his hand at archery, watched a wrestling match and named a horse during a brief visit Monday in Mongolia, which he called a shining example of democratic development,” the Washington Post writes.

Here are some photo essay roundups of Vice President Biden in Asia, including him holding a bow and arrow, mock wrestling, and shooting hoops, from the BBC, the Washington Post, and msnbc.com.